Reasons Why Companies Should Seriously Think About Industrial Automation Products

The term, “industrial automation” is used to define the usage of machines and other control systems such as computers, robot systems and other information technology based products. All these machines and equipments are designed to replace humans and generate more flawless and effective results. According to the experts, this is the second step beyond mechanisation in terms of industrialisation. There are a number of benefits of industrial automation products and this post covers some of the most popular ones.

  • Till around a decade back, the main purpose of using these industrial automation products was only to increase productivity as well as enhance the quality of productivity.
  • These were to only goals to be achieved because of the fact that these machines had the capability to run 24/7.
  • With this, another thought was of reducing the cost of production because with lesser human involvement, lesser wages were to be paid.
  • However, with modern day products, the numbers of benefits that companies want to use are much more than what they were till around a decade back.
  • For example, in the automobile industry, the installation of pistons into the engine used to be performed manually with an error rate of 1-1.5%.
  • But now with the use of these robots and other computer-based machines, the error rate is less than 0.00001%.

Lower operating cost

  • Another benefit is that the company experiences much reduced operating rates
  • Other than this, paid leave and holidays associated with a human operator were reduced to nil and this put a direct impact in the form of enhanced productivity in lowered operational cost.
  • The cost is lowered for one more reason that these machines don’t require other employee benefits such as bonuses, pension coverage etc.
  • Moreover, if used wisely, the overall maintenance cost of the machines like trapped key interlocks, safety gate switches and others is very less as compared to the wages paid to human workers.

High productivity

  • One more feature is that they result in very high productivity.
  • The fact is that these machines can work almost 24/7 and can result into productivity that is not possible even with the workers working regularly in three different shifts.
  • This feature of these machines working non-stop can lead to a significant improvement in the productivity of the company.


  • With the help of interlock circuit breakers and valves earth switches and other industrial automation products, the chances of error can be reduced virtually to zero.
  • Other than this, the machines used in the process don’t have any chance of any fatigue and this means that the quality of the result would stay same all the time.

Some other advantages of using these industrial automation products are –

  • High flexibility because robots can be programmed to do any task
  • High information accuracy and reduced data collection costs
  • It can make the production line safe

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