Short Course on – Covering The Basics

What Defines Marketing

Marketing attracts a lot of views from different people in the world of business. Different experts approach marketing in different ways. The information online and other sources is way too much that a new business owner will have a difficult time knowing which way to go. No matter how you look at marketing, if you broke it down you will have three main steps to work with. The steps will be to capture, connect and convert the potential customers into actual customers. Brand positioning has to be looked at before you even begin to work on how best to capture, connect and convert with the customers.

The way you position the business largely determines how people take you. Some car makers are known for making very reliable car brands and cheap that many can afford while others are specific to give you luxury and sporty machines. The two brands are giving the customer the same product but they are worlds apart due to the positioning. The way a brand positions itself in the market will dictate everything else when it comes to marketing . This is why a customer will have no problem paying high amounts of money to have a brand name. The way you position yourself makes it possible to attract a certain category of customers in the market.

shoppers who buy their products on a budget will feel that a higher priced product is too much for them to afford while the affluent will prefer the product as they think the higher it costs the better it is. There is that target groups that your product will best suit, find them and position yourself in the market to engage with them. Capturing the attention of the potential customers being the first step is not easy , you need to be creative especially if you are doing it online.

It’s all about creating awareness on the availability of your product to others. The second step which is connecting will need to be thought out a little more because it can be hard to engage the customer in a conversation with a message on a flyer, you need to show them the value of the product . If a customer sees that a product is going to solve a problem they have they will have no problem parting with their money for the product. Once the customers have seen the value of the product make it tempting for them to use the product or the service through use of limited time offers among other strategies.