My New Job is Pretty Unusual

Of course I had been working for the same guy for about six months, but I was a mid level office drone. I would get in my car every morning and go to the office. It was all boring and I only got to know him because we were both interested in cars and sports. He was more interested in betting on games on betting web sites than in sports for themselves. At any rate I owned an old pick up truck that my grandfather gave me and which I had been trying to keep on the road forever. As soon as he saw it he wanted it and the more I told him about how much sentimental value it had for me, the more that he wanted it. I would tell him about how my grandfather would let me set on his lap and steer when I was seven years old.

At any rate one day he showed up for work in a pair of work pants and a shirt with his name on his breast, just like the one you would see a janitor or a mechanic wear. He told me he was done with the office and that I was going to be his liaison, which means that when stuff needs to be taken to him from the office I do it. I took stuff to his farm where he was working on tractors and old trucks. Pretty soon he got me to start helping me with that and did not send me back to the office. Now I show up at sunrise and we work until it is dark, unless we stop to shoot pool or go to fish in the ponds on the farm. The other morning both of us caught big mouth bass on topwater spoons as the sun set.